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Achiras del Huila Snack (120g)

Achiras del Huila Snack (120g)


A well-missed snack by Colombians, Achira sticks have a unique flavor, unfindable anywhere else: authentic and fresh, feels like traveling back home!

Achira Sticks might seem like a regular cheese snack, but prepare for something truly authentic. They're made, not from regular wheat flour, but from Achira's starch, exclusive to tropical climates, and fresh curd. So they kinda taste like cheese sticks, but with an artisanal, crunchy and, of course, yummy twist!

  • Achira del Huila Achira Bites.
  • No chemical preservatives or artificial colorants.
  • Contains 120g
  • Contains Achira starch, Milk and Eggs.
  • Product of Colombia.

Have a little taste of Achira Sticks combined with nuts and dried fruits for a crunchy/chewy mix. You can sprinkle Parmesan cheese and fine herbs on top of them to turn them into a gourmet snack!

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