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Hatsu Tea Postobon Berry (red) 400ml

Hatsu Tea Postobon Berry (red) 400ml



“More than a drink, a lifestyle motivated by the evolution and well-being of the human being.” Hatsu was born in 2010, in Medellín, Colombia. Our brand creates products with high perceived value and image content, under a strategy based on innovation and high quality standards, thanks to which we offer health, well-being and a lifestyle based on the search for experiences and designed to accompany the moments. daily consumption.

Hatsu red tea is an exclusive variety grown in China and has great historical significance in the culture of this country. The tea comes from the Pu'er region in the Yunnan province of China. The tea produced there undergoes a unique fermentation process. The delicious flavor and aroma of this drink comes from its special blend of cherries and blackberries.

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