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Chocolate Corona - 500g

Chocolate Corona - 500g


In many Colombian homes, they offer Corona Hot Chocolate. It’s a flavorful and caring way of treating guests. So easy to prepare, you don’t even need to add sugar!

Corona Hot Cocoa comes as LARGE tablets, supposed to last for a long time (assuming that you just don't have it all on its first day!). Open it and enjoy its delicious cocoa aroma. You'll clearly notice coarse sugar grains that mix deliciously when prepared. It tastes like home!

Have a little taste of Corona Hot Cocoa in milk or water, depending on how creamy you want it. Quantities also depend on your wishes, but a tablet fraction per cup is recommended. You can prepare it in a blender (tablet and milk/water together), or you can use a pot: cook and stir until the consistency is smooth. But seriously, these tablets are insanely good to eat just like any chocolate bar!

  • Corona Chocolate Tablet.
  • Contains 17.6 oz (500 g).
  • Contains Soy. May contain Milk. 
  • Product of Colombia.

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