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Frunas Chewy Fruit Candies -Pack of 32

Frunas Chewy Fruit Candies -Pack of 32


Latin Americans can munch Frunas for as long as time exists! Soft, colorful, and fruity, these aren't just any chewy candies, but a token of happiness! 

Produced in Colombia, Frunas are well-beloved in all of Latin America. Their delicious taste and texture make them extremely satisfying to eat. And they also look super fun: each comes individually wrapped in ultra colorful papers according to flavor. Eat and play!

Frunas Chewy Candy.
  • Pack of 32.
  • Contains 15.52 oz (440 g).
  • Contains Milk.
  • Product of Colombia.

Have a little taste of Frunas at the movies (or just watching TV series at home). Orange soda is definitely a matching drink!

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