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Sliced Ripe Plantain / Tajadas de Platano  Maduro

Sliced Ripe Plantain / Tajadas de Platano Maduro

Frozen Pre-cooked ripe/ sweet savoury plantain. No additives or preservatives. Slices of frozen plantains. 
Sliced plantains are great served as an appetiser or side dish.
Weight: 908g
As the plantain ripens, it gets sweet almost like a banana.  When the plantain’s skin is dark yellow to brown, it is perfect for making other delightful treats – you can make fried sweet plantains to accompany any meal. Sliced plantains is a typical food of Caribbean countries including Colombia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama and Venezuela as well as African countries. These are the best sliced ripe plantains you will find in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and all Australia.

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